1 Mason Jar With Handle Mug Kiss Lips Graphic Drinking Glass Clear 16oz New

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1 Mason Jar Glass Mug 
 Handle Style Drinking Glass 
Chill in your freezer to use fill with your favorite beverage 
This mason style jar mug is charming to anyone who enjoys a rustic style to their glassware. 
The mason style jar drinking mug fits 16 oz, making it perfect for serving drinks of any type. 
The perfect combination of style, strength and practicality.
Jar mugs have a great deal of style
High quality and provides a sturdy practical grip. 
Measures 5.2" L X 2.6" D
1 Mason style jar mug 
16 Oz 
Package Contents
Included: 1 Mason Style Jug Mug 
16 OZ 
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