120 LED Smooth M5 Multi Color Christmas Holiday Light String Green Wire Decor

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120 LED Smooth M5 Multi Color Christmas Light String With Green Wire

Traditional holiday lighting with these LED M5 light string. Box contains 2 sets of 60L

Bulb Color: Multi red, green, blue, amber

Bulb Type: LED M5 bulbs

Shape: LED M5 similar to Incandescent Mini bulbs

Wire Color: Green

Bulb Count: 120

Cord Length: 31.9Ft 9,7M lighted length 31.9Ft 11,2M total length

Electrical Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 0.04A, 9.6W used per set

Energy saving, save up to 70% less power, 25000 hour average bulb life, durable and break resistant, replaceable bulbs, flame resistant, end-to-end plug

Connect up to 22 sets, for indoor/outdoor use UL listed, Energy star

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