Ball Jacks Game 1 Ball 10 Large Jumbo Jax Soft Safe Rubber Kids 4+ Rainbow New

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1 set of jacks with ball game.
A time-honored classic.
The game of jacks has been around for centuries due to its simplicity and competitive nature. 
Set features 10 Soft Safe Rubber Fun Jax  jacks and a colored ball.
The Larger jax and softer material is great for the younger player.
1 Ball
10 Fun Jax 1.5 inch Jacks

Rainbow Big Jax with Ball Rubber 

These big rubber jax offer challenging fun games to play such as scrubs, upcast, 

crack the eggs and eggs in basket. 

Mesh net is attached to a peggable header card. 4.50"x 7". 

For ages 4 and over. 

New in package 
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